Prologue RD

Part I 
I opened this door 

To a phenomenon in white;

It made me sullen, empty,

devoid of life.

For I had washed up, 

On the shores of realisation

And it was clear, my plight:

There was something more,

Something deeper in life. 

She was a beauty,

A princess in her own right

And never before had I witnessed 

A wonderful such sight. 

This Night. 

I walk a road of footsteps deep

This night;

A night of burdened sleep.

She is a soul, A flower indeed.

Drying with thirst

A forgotten book-leaf.

I wring my hands,

This desire I didn’t know.

I had to help

But I couldn’t show

For a buried storm is a brew

And my sails are patched,

Patched and threadbare,

.. Now the waves engulf

Laying waste to her scene in heaven

And I learn this path i lead

Life is far.

Far and few. 

Rough Draft. Das Wunder. 

Your silence makes me wonder

If my knees should give out

If hope should slide by

If i should raise my hands to surrender

Your silence makes me wonder

Why I collapse to the gravel

Why arms snake around my navel

Lift me from this pit

As my world is split asunder

Your silence makes me wonder

Why emotions are cheap

And love runs corrupted

Why I stand by and watch

Watch them plunder

Your silence makes me wonder

If I am the falling rain

And you are the preceding thunder

Lifting the forsaken cupids

Lifting them from their deep slumber

Your silence makes me wonder

Why I smile as I raise my arms

Raise my arms to surrender. 

The flux of life

Sometimes, often, always

I think, fret, regret,

Sometimes, often, always

I want, get, forget

Sometimes, often, always

I dream, believe, strive

Sometimes, often, always

I learn, work, thrive

Sometimes, often, always

I love, feel, cherish

Sometimes, often, always

I break, dissolve, perish

Sometimes, often, always

I seek, find, keep

Sometimes, often, always

I fall, sink, deep..